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Naked megan gale

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Oh well, I'll still buy the poster and jack off to it.! I was hoping for my secret crush Plus women can keep themselevs looking younger and more fit these days.

CST Megan Gale by templar. CST Certainly hot, however I love how the big rig gas truck is parked behind her, representing a semen-filled phallas about to drive right up her nice tight It is Wonder woman not Wonder Girl. Naked changing room videos. But can she act??? If we're lucky, they'll skip all pretense of trying to seem original and the villain will be Grodd.

Me, her and Katee with a gallon of warm butter! All he knows is how to shoot un-nessasary slow motion. The person looks the part. Naked megan gale. If they're looking for someone to grow into the role and support a Justice League franchise, she's the wrong choice. Her face isn't wonder woman though. It's a total no brainer but the studio needs a piece of ass to sell to the masses so here we are.

In that 2nd picture she's a dead ringer for Linda Carter. I just hope they update that fucking ridiculous costume. Seems that WW would be nicely displayed, let's hope that she plays as good as she looks. Milf anal xxx. CST They should do a revamp if this flops by johnnyg korrupt. CST Not a bad choice That's Megan Gale, an Australian Supermodel I love the internet.

She's hot but I'm not too impressed with the choice if she can't act. Should be interesting to see how this one pans out. CST SO glad to hear this That is Wonder Woman and I think it's a pretty great choice, aesthetically speaking. I was watching Desperate Housewives with the Missuz I'm relieved that she looks like a grown up lady and not a twitter-pated 17 year old Kate Bosworth anyone?

Naked megan gale

CST at least she has the right look by Rupee If I said that I've banged Megan Gale before she was famous. All you geeks who fall over each other for Chuck or Heroes you think any of the hot chicks doing any better acting that you're going to see out of this hottie.

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CST it'll be hilarious watching her fake an american accent CST if any of you nerds even smelled that chick by torontoxic.

CST Guy Grand, come on sweetie Unless the trailer comes out for this movie looking like that failed NBC pilot from the early 90's, this movie will far from bomb. Red breasted tit. CST No fake tits by Blueberry. Naked megan gale. As Emerson wrote in his journals: He's 6'5", and an amateur magician. My eyes tell me, great choice. She definitely looks like a Goddess Most directors just put a weapon in the actress's hand and assume that's enough, but ask yourself, is Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba believable in any role they've ever played?

She needs to be very god. You are a very lucky man. She's no kid, that's for sure Thanks for taking some valuable time to let us know you couldn't care less. And as we all know, that movie blew chunks so Gorgeous body, but nothing else. This is kind of an awful choice. Stodden nude pics. Wonderwoman needs a bit of physical prowess, some actual skills and a bit of kick-ass, not just tits.

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The only acting experience she has is a bit part in in the movie Stealth. There's a reason that this chick is a model and not an actress, it's because the only thing she's really good at doing is standing there and looking pretty. That woman was born to play Wonder Woman.

From that top pic. CST she can dress up and down by aboriginal. Back to the drawing board. Did they put it on the backburner because of the JLA movie? I would have suggested Inara from Firefly but I think they did well enough. Adele naked pics. No star spangled thong, no bare abs.

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No star spangled thong, no bare abs. Naked mexican young girls. So Batman is 10 years younger than Wonder Woman? Any of the following would have been a better choice than this woman I've never heard of: If we're lucky, they'll skip all pretense of trying to seem original and the villain will be Grodd.

Basically, don't make us look like a bunch of whiney, snotty, smug, ungrateful creeps. I'd prefer she had some sort of weird accent, not quite American, not quite British or Australian.

CST you know things are getting predictable by emeraldboy. Lizzy caplan sex nude But I will fap to her in the wonder woman outfit. No one said anything about her accent. I didn't blossom until later in life. Naked megan gale. Do a search and tell me she's not the spitting image of Wonder Woman. They could cast Gary Coleman for Batman and i wouldn't give a shit.

We'll see how long it takes AICN to post that.

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